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The BLES maintains a Data Bank Unit that services walk-in researchers, special requests for statistics on labor through fax, e-mail and snail mail; sells its regular publications and gives statistical advice and  referrals to related data source agencies.


The Bureau provides technical services/advice to other units in the DOLE on planning and development of survey design, operations, and data analysis as well as systems design and development of statistical information systems. It also refers clients to experts in the field of statistics, both individuals and institutions.


The BLES also sets out advocacy activities aimed at educating its clients for better appreciation and utilization of labor and employment statistics.  It has developed the LearnStat (Learning Statistics the Easy Way) which is an orientation on key labor and employment statistics covering basic concepts, their definitions, measurements, uses and interpretations; data sourcing; and basic tools in statistics.


    The Bureau undertakes statistical research and development projects in collaboration with other data producing and research agencies to improve or update the methodologies for production of quality statistics, among others.  Some of this projects are the Rethingking of the Labor Force Survey (2010-2011) and the Development of a Design for the Conduct of a National Migration Survey (2002) with the National Statistics Office and Statistical Research and Training Center.


    One of the major tasks of the Bureau is to develop, prescribe and monitor the use of statistical standards, nomenclatures, classification systems and methodologies for the collection, processing, presentation and analysis of labor and  employment data in the DOLE. This monitoring  function is carried out through the DOLE Inter-Agency Committee on Statistical Matters (IACSM) wherein statistical issues and concerns are discussed in its regular quarterly meetings. The BLES provides technical assistance in the review and revision of performance indicators.  It also has developed the Data Quality Assessment System (DQAS) in the Department to ensure the generation of quality data both from surveys and administrative records.


    The BLES maintains an internet-based system that provides statistics on labor and employment indicators.  Clients can access and download statistical information at http://www.bles.dole. It also provides links to other sites such as  the  National  Statistics  Office  (NSO), National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), the International Labour Office (ILO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other organizations.

A major feature of the BLES Website is the BLES Electronic Archived Microdata System (BEAMS).  It  is a web-base repository system on the survey and administrative data generated by the BLES.  It was developed to preserve, systematically store and retrieve statistical data including records on their methodology, concepts and other metadata.